Spring Trends for 2019

A new spring season is coming but along with that is new trends! You will notice within the season same types of colors, patterns and styles. MOss is excited to carry these trends. So let’s go ahead and start with the spring haul.

Stripes are right.

To start off, the first hottest trend for this upcoming spring is stripes! These are coming in many different styles such as rompers, jumpsuits, pants and tops! We are noticing them everywhere. But let’s face it, there comes a feeling of confidence and ease when you throw on some stripes. Whether they are horizontal, vertical, and anything in between, you are going to feel at your best.

Leg slits are back!

Now this one everyone can be excited about! Time to shave our legs ladies because the leg slit is back and hotter than ever. It goes with anything, on any pants, skirts, night or day. Time to start of settle with showing your killer legs before summer shorts hit. The slit is going to boost your confidence and allows for compromise.

Ride the Pastel Wave

Spring into pastel colors for 2019! We know these colors have been around for a long time, but the comeback of these soft, muted tones will be bigger than ever. Pastel colors gives you the freedom to have a soft look, but these light tones reflect the light and will catch the eye making you look healthier and younger than ever. Plus these pastel shades are so easy to match and accessorizes with. Let pastel bring happiness and joy to this spring season.

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