Traveling Must-Haves

Finally, warmer days are coming! You and all of us at MOss know how ready we are for the sun, days by the water and of course traveling! While you might be thinking, summer isn’t for weeks so why are we talking about this? Well, MOss is trying to prepare all of us for summer 2019 by giving you a very own Traveling Must-Haves checklist! The best part is that everything mentioned in this blog can be found here at MOss Boutique.

First things first,  traveling in style!

We know that flying can be rough so you want to be comfy of course! But how to be comfy and cute at the same time? We have the answer for you and it is called MONO B!

This Mono B open back top is perfect for staying stylish and cute at once! The best part we have it here for only $36.95. The leggings also feature a side pocket for your phone while your waiting in a line of security, only $38.95!

Second, backpack & sunnies!

Some may have noticed but may have not realized how much of a need a Joy Susan backpack is! But of course, you should always keep a pair of sunnies of you at all times! Now with your new, trendy backpack, you’ll have a place for them!

Grey Joy Susan backpack only $56.95, but we have multiple styles and colors in the store! Our sunglasses are only just $9.95 and we have all different kinds for everyone!

A night out on town dress!

While you’re on vacation or even just for an eventful day, a maxi dress can always do the job when going for the cute and flowy look! The best part of maxi dresses is that the more simple they are, the easier it is for you to dress it to the occasion you’re needing it for. We at MOss love dressing our maxi dresses with our bralettes and accessories!

The dress featured above can be found on our website for only $24.95. You can also find the white bralette and many other colors in the store with a starting price of $19.95.

The sandal for all!

Last but certainly not least for our 2019 Summer Must-Haves is the sandal that goes with everything! If you haven’t welcomed the scallop sandal into your life, you’re about too. We love this sandal because of how simple the shoe is, but also the number of outfits it can go with! It can work with a maxi dress like above or even with jeans and a cute top!

The sandal above features 2 tan scallop straps that cross over the foot giving it a simple but adorable look with any outfit! Find this shoe in the store for only $14.95.

For more inspo…

Check out this video more 2019 Traveling Must-Haves!